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Welcome to our Tip of the Month section!

Here we profile ideas, tips and tricks to helping doulas, childbirth educators and expecting parents during pregnancy, birth and even after the baby is here. Don't forget to check out past tips on the panel to the left.

Tip of the Month

Marketing Ideas - Feature Editorial

What could be better than free advertising? A story in a newspaper is practically an endorsement of you and your service. Many have had a lot of success with newspaper editorials or feature pieces. You can send your idea along with another article on doulas from another paper (not necessarily about you) to the editor or health editor (depending on the size of the paper). You should also send a copy to whoever is in charge of the local people section of the paper.

Fax, email, or hand-deliver your information. Help the reporter as much as possible:

        When emailing, include the information and/or press release both in the body of the email and as a word attachment

        Send a glossy 5x7 (colour or black and white) of either yourself or you working with a client. Attach a brief description of the picture

        Include contact information for previous clients who would be willing to be interviewed by a reporter

Follow up 7 days later, offering to re-send the information if it was originally overlooked. Ask the reporter to include your business name and print your phone number in the story so that people who want more information can contact you. If you get your story printed, buy at least ten newspapers (you will need them for future reference). Donít forget to frame a copy of the article for your office and include a copy in your portfolio as it adds to your credibility.

This excerpt from the Canadian Marketing Manual for Birth Professionals.

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