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Baby Laundry Bag

Use an old pillow case in the baby's room. Simply attach to the changing table by a diaper pin. It keeps all of baby's dirty things together and when it's time to wash, everything can be dumped right into the washing machine, including the pillowcase.

Easy Nursing Shirt

Layer one crop top, blouse, shirt, etc. over an old T-shirt or tank top (mix and match colours). Cut two nursing slits in the T-shirt and hem edges. The top layer will provide discreet coverage, yet your baby will still have easy access to nurse.

Nursery Book-Ends

Make book-ends out of stuffed animals. Undo the back, take out some of the stuffing, fill with marbles and resew by hand. To prevent sliding, glue some rubber matting on the bottom of the toy. This works great for matching the decor in your baby's room.

Safe Door Knob Covers

Making your house safe for baby can become costly when purchasing all the gadgets needed to protect your little ones. Try this inexpensive idea: Cover your door knobs with a sock, wrapping elastic around the base of the handle to hold it in place. You can squeeze and get enough grip to turn the handle, but your child's hands are too small.

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