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The Pelvic Clock/Internal Relaxation

Why It's Important

Internal relaxation can make labour contractions more effective. Focusing on relaxing around the pelvic clock between contractions and during contractions IS an effective tool. Tension inside can slow labour down. Having more control on how to maintain inner relaxation, using your self-awareness, can reduce the discomfort connected to dilation and the downward movement of the baby.  Using directed breathing consciously can enhance inner relaxation.

NOTE; This is another 'focus' that women find helpful. Inner tension is a major cause of delayed labour. A woman can look relaxed on the outside but not be relaxed on the inside. She probably hasn't been taught how to recognize it.  She may recognize the tension but does not have the skills/tools to make change. . And it's hard to when the sensations are painful.

Women may /may not exhibit inner tension by showing outward tension. Don't assume that a woman is relaxing inside. Very slight tension can cause longer labours and delivery.

 Women can couple this inner self-awareness to relaxing around where they imagine the cervix to be. These are two different aspects.  Using the pelvic clock can relax the tissue which is attached to the bony pelvis. This tissue must be drawn back as the cervix opens. You can also use the pelvic clock to relax around the cervical muscle which can help to soften this very strong sphincter. These are learned skills. 

The purpose: Know that you have control and choice. You can relax/reduce tension.

The end result: To help to reduce inner tension caused by


the conscious tightening up in response to pain


 the unconscious tension which you aren't aware of unless you're made aware of it


 the structural tension of the soft tissue which allows/prevents the pelvic bone mobility


the stretching tension caused by the object of the baby stretching soft tissue.

Personal Endorsement

This information is a sneak peak from Common Knowledge Trust's Easy-to-Teach Guide To The Pink Kit ( If you teach childbirth education or support women during labour in any capacity, this should be an integral part of your library. Every birthing couple who understand and use this kit's information find a remarkable decrease in fear, interventions and operative delivery. Check the statistics of one midwifery practice on the website above and plan to add the Kit and Guide to your knowledge, I promise you will not regret it.

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