Accupressure Spleen 6
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So many of you have asked where the "Spleen 6" is...

For those who haven't heard of this term, the Spleen 6 is an acupressure point in the lower calf that, when pressed, often will stimulate labour or strengthen and lengthen contractions. This technique can be used to establish prodomal labour or help make contractions closer together and more efficient.

Please ensure your client has consulted her doctor or midwife before using this technique! Never use on anyone who is not at full term or demonstrate on yourself if you suspect you are pregnant.

OK, now for where it is. With you or your clients lower calf bared, follow the divide in the two calf muscles running up from the inner ankle. Depending on the length of the calf, it is between 4 and six finger widths above the ankle, and towards the back of the calf. When you press it, it will feel like there is a bruise! Now press both Spleen 6 points (one on each calf) for 30-60 seconds. Wait a few contractions and see if there is a change, then try again. Only do it twice in an hour to make sure that the contractions do not become to intense too quickly.

For more information on acupressure during pregnancy and labor, check out Mother Massage by Elaine Stillerman

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