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How many of you feel like you are always photocopying handouts, running out when you need them the most or worst of all, finding you gave away your only copy? And what of those expensive, copy written handouts that so quickly disappear and you need to keep reordering them?

I solved this by putting them all in an "educational information resource" that goes to each client when they sign an agreement (contract). Both birth and postpartum clients get one.

Another suggestion from Tricks of the Trade by Midwifery Today is to put several related handouts in a folder or binder and adding it to your lending library. You can have several covering topics like Comfort Measures, Jaundice, Medical Interventions, GBS, Gestational Diabetes, etc. Each couple can check out one folder over the course of a class series (for CBE's) or you can loan them out for clients who want information on specific concerns.

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