Balloon Pushing
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Pushing… Using a Balloon!

Now before you try to hard to imagine what I may be referring to, this is a wonderful technique used by many Childbirth Educators to explain how to push effectively during birth.

It is really simple. While you blow up a balloon, focus on the muscles you use surrounding your uterus. Your diaphragm presses down, your stomach muscles tighten and your perineum and pelvic floor relaxes. While you exhale, blowing out through your mouth, your face stays relaxed as does your arms and shoulders. So often when a woman is told to "take a deep breath, hold your breath and push" she pushes not knowing how. As a result facial blood vessels rupture as she tenses up her facial muscles, her arms and shoulders and even her pelvic floor which actually slows the descent of her baby. Try it!

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