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Have your client(s) go to the beach, riverfront, canal or even a swimming pool. They should sit down, do some initial mental and physical relaxation waves, take several deep breaths, and then do nothing and think of nothing but the waves and their rhythm.

Instruct your client(s) to sit down in front of a flower bud early some morning. They should choose one that is due to open that day and that is of a variety that will open relatively quickly. Do relaxation and breathing preparation; then open mentally and physically to the flower's beauty and message.

Assign sets of questions for home discussion, or lists to make before returning the next week concerning ways partners can be more supportive of one another, and advantages to their family of certain practices (breastfeeding, mom staying home, etc.). You can also ask for dollplay demonstrations of baby's various positions using a fetal model. Tell them to be prepared to discuss and share!

Another suggestion from Tricks of the Trade by Midwifery Today.


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