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The Reality of Pelvic Floor Damage
Does caesarean section protect the pelvic floor? Learn the reality of pelvic floor damage.
A wonderful collection of positive affirmations to use during pregnancy and birth.
Artificial Oxytocin Induction
Please refer to this article on the reality of artificial induction before using our Induction Methods idea's.
Belly Casting
The exciting "How To" guide on our much requested Belly Casting Kits. A wonderful art project which honours pregnancy.
Childbirth Education: What are the Options?
A synopsis of the certification programs available. An excellent introduction for both expectant parents and women wanting to become childbirth educators.
Childbirth Methods
Confused by the plethora of childbirth methods available today? Here are the basic premises of each method and the history behind each.
Christian Biblical References - revised
An addition to both Affirmations and Birth Quotes for Christian parents and caregivers.
Birth Ball Uses and Care
Our much requested article on the care and uses of a Birth Ball.
Birth Plans
An important aspect of birth, a birth plan not only explains to your caregiver, the staff and your doula what your wishes are, it helps you to  define and prepare for what you want from your birth.
Birth Quotes - revised
Quotes and poems about and pertaining to pregnancy and birth.
Blessing Ways
An incredibly unique yet traditional way to celebrate pregnancy. Lots of neat ideas for Blessing Way Ceremonies including Christian Blessings.
Breech Babies; Baby Is Breech, Now What? - revised
The questions surrounding a breech presentation and the many ways to turn a breech baby.
Doula Myths
Confused by what doula support actually entails? Here are ten points correcting the sometimes common myths surrounding doula support.
Elective Cesareans
The debate continues concerning vaginal birth vs. elective cesareans. Check here for accurate and in-depth information on the debates as well as the documented benefits, and risks surrounding this issue.
Homeopathic Labour & Birth Cheat Sheet
These are the basic homeopathic remedies used during labour and their indications. An invaluable resource during my own labour!
Are you facing an induction and would like more information? We receive daily requests regarding information on induction, here are some answers.
Labourade Recipe
An excellent refreshment for before and during labour to keep your client well hydrated, fatigue levels down and contractions effective.
Natural Induction Methods
Our second most requested article. Please heed the caution on induction methods, as induction should only be looked at as a last resort, not an easy way to predict birth dates or ease pregnancy discomforts.
Posterior Presentation - A Pain in the Back!
An excellent article written by renowned midwife Valerie el Halta on posterior babies and how to turn them anterior for faster, easier labours.
Posterior Positioning - Signs and Symptoms
Compiled through many birth professionals ideas, articles and experiences.
Postpartum Essentials
What you need for after baby's birth.
Pushing Positions
Currently popular pushing positions can impede or even stop progress of descent of baby. Learn more to avoid prolonged labour or a cesarean birth for the often used "catch-all" terms of Failure to Progress or Cephalo-Pelvic Disproportion. 
Preparing for Birth
An excellent starting place outlining the basic choices of birth place, caregiver and more that need to be made for a positive birth experience. 
Whether finding a good caregiver, researching the perfect birthplace or looking for a doula or childbirth educator, start with these great questions!
We have brought you several herbal recipes as well as nutritious recipes for during the busy times of pregnancy and after baby is born. Check back as we continue to add to our list.
Recovering from a Cesarean Birth
Cesarean birth is major abdominal surgery. Here you will find ideas for both physical and emotional healing while caring for your newborn. Compliments of ICAN.
True Equality? Women's Rights Today
Our foremothers fought hard for equality 100 years ago. We have gained so much in many areas, but what about birth?
VBAC Safety
Is VBAC safe? Learn more about the current controversy and the facts surrounding VBAC.
VBAC Checklist
As recommended by the International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN), these guidelines can help insure that your birth experience is as healthy and positive as possible.

Coming Soon!

Prenatal Fitness
Still a work in progress, but will soon have many great ideas for safe exercises.
Birth Music Ideas
Although each woman is unique in her preferences, this is a list of the most requested music for birth.
Cesarean Facts
We will soon be posting information on cesarean issues, 
prevention and VBAC. Please check the information currently available on cesareans under the Elective Cesarean section.
Cord Blood Banking
A new option in childbirth with great benefits.
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