Postpartum Supplies
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Recommended Postpartum Supplies

for Mom and Baby

Mother's Supplies


bulletSanitary pads
bulletWitch Hazel, put a small amount on sanitary pads and freeze to reduce swelling and aid in healing.
bulletPeri bottle
bulletSitz Bath (small tub to soak your bottom in) or a few inches of warm water in a clean bathtub
bulletCalendula and Hypericum (optional) to speed healing for use in both sitz baths and in the peri bottle
bulletDoughnut Pillow
bulletCranberry juice, unsweetened, to help avoid bladder infections


bullet2 to 3 Nursing bras
bullet12 cotton nursing pads or package of Disposable nursing pads
bulletA good breastfeeding book.
bulletPure lanolin cream or Lansinoh (a breast cream made from lanolin with allergens removed) to help heal sore nipples
bulletIf you are experience engorgement or plugged ducts, try hot cloths on your breast during nursing, a hot shower before nursing.

Baby's Supplies


bulletPkg. of newborn umbilical free diapers or 3 dozen small cloth diapers
bulletDiaper rash cream or try a Herbal Salve
bulletPkg. of diaper wipes (without alcohol or perfume if possible) or 2 dozen cloth wipes
bulletIf using cloth, 4-6 diaper wraps
bulletDiaper Pail

Umbilical Cord Care

bulletNothing. It has been proven that alcohol prolongs the attachment of the cord with no benefits in lowering infection rates. If redness, swelling and/or a discharge occurs, consult your doctor. Simply keep clean and dry well after bathing.

Circumcision Care


Baby Massage

bulletUnscented lotion or oil or try almond oil to avoid irritation

Baby Medical Needs

bulletEar, Electronic or Regular Thermometer
bulletBaby nail clippers
bulletSyrup of IPECAC
bulletLiquid-activated charcoal
bulletInfant acetaminophen (baby pain reliever and fever-reducer-ask your Pediatrician which to use)
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