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We will be exploring pregnancy fitness here, but it is a "work in progress" so far. Our first excerpt is below...

Aquatic Exercise Concepts: The New Wave in Fitness
3798 Golden Gate Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA 95407
707/583-2300 ext. 103

A.E.C. announces the availability of Aquaflex Fitness Paddles, a hand held aquatic device. The Aquaflex offers variable resistance which is not available in any other aquatic exercise device. This feature makes the Aquaflex an ideal way to exercise for pregnant women. This variable resistance is created by a patented vent system that enables you to change the surface area.

The Aquaflex also functions differently from other aquatic exercise devices in that it is not buoyant at all. The resistance is created by the speed it is moved through the water. This is called hydrodynamic drag. Unlike gravity or buoyancy, the user, not outside forces creates the degree of resistance. This unique aspect of the Aquaflex is called accommodating resistance and is yet another reason why the Aquaflex is great for pregnant women. It accommodates the different strength capabilities of different women.

With the Aquaflex a pregnant woman can get a very thorough, effective, workout through-out her pregnancy unless otherwise indicated by her caregiver. Also the water offers a pregnant woman a buoyant, non-impact, cool environment for a fun and safe exercise regiment all for $34.99.

For more information call 707/545-8134 ext. 103 or send email to [email protected]


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