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When to call your doula

bulletIf you think you might be going into labour
bulletIf you are in labour
bulletIf you go to the hospital for any reason
bulletIf you need advice on comfort measures
bulletIf your due date changes or you find out anything new or exciting at your doctors visit
bulletIf you have any questions about our services/availability/fees/etc.
bulletIf you need to chat
bulletIf you have any questions for your doctor but don't know how to ask (we can talk about the situation and formulate a list of questions together)

When to call your doctor or midwife

bulletIf you have any medical questions
bulletDizziness, spots in front of your eyes, dim or blurred vision
bulletIf you wake up in the morning with swelling or your face or hands become swollen
bulletSevere or continuous headache
bulletFoul smelling or coloured vaginal discharge
bulletDifficulty/pain/itching or low back pain upon urination (peeing)
bulletANY vaginal bleeding
bulletAbdominal pain
bulletPersistent vomiting
bulletChills or fever
bulletLeaking or gush of fluid from your vagina (before your due date)
bulletChange in intensity or frequency of fetal movements
bulletBefore you take over the counter or prescription medications
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