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Here is a new addition on prostaglandin induction...
Induced Labour and Informed Consent in Canada
A superb article by Gail Dahl, author of Pregnancy and Childbirth Tips, on the true risks of induced labour. A must read if you are facing induction! 
And don't miss...
BISHOP's Score
Anyone facing an induction should have a copy of this!
Not facing a prostaglandin induction? Then check out...
Artificial Oxytocin Induction
The stark reality of artificial oxytocin (also known as Pitocin or Syntocinon) induction.
Cytotec or Misoprostol induction? Important information...
Cytotec Labeling 2002 (pdf document)
An important first step in learning more about this risky drug is to read the precautions on the label and notice that it is not indicated for induction purposes.
Cytotec Dangerous experiment or panacea
Written by renowned midwife and author Ina May Gaskin.
Misoprostol (Cytotec) for Labor Induction: A Cautionary Tale
By Dr. Marsden Wagner
Misoprostol: More on the dangers of Cytotec
And finally, here are natural alternatives...
Natural Induction Methods
Our second most requested article. Please heed the caution on induction methods, as induction should only be looked at as a last resort, not an easy way to predict birth dates or ease pregnancy discomforts.
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