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You know your a doula...
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Midwife, Doula and Childbirth Educator Resources

Don't miss our Birth Information. Articles on everything from a wonderful list of Affirmations to VBAC Safety.

Birth Doula Certification Chart
Confused by the plethora of choices available for birth doula certification?  Look no further... this is the comprehensive comparison chart of all current doula certification organizations.
Coming Soon: Postpartum Doula and Childbirth Educator Certification Comparison Charts!
Birth Bag "Ingredients"
The "master list" we compiled from the FensEnde doula list. Our most requested information from doulas!
Canadian Freebies for Clients and Prenatal Students
Our distinctly Canadian resources for free information and products for clients.
Childbirth Education: What are the Options?
A synopsis of the certification programs available. An excellent introduction for both expectant parents and women wanting to become childbirth educators.
Childbirth Methods
Confused by the plethora of childbirth methods available today? Here are the basic premises of each method and the history behind each.
Childbirth Publications
Recommended by doulas, educators and midwives as the best resources for information.
Doula Myths
An excellent ten point handout for doulas in demystifying the myths surrounding doula support. Excellent for clients, in-services and more.
Holding The Space: A Doula's Best Gift
As birth professionals we all learn in time that what truly is needed at birth is our heart and hands. Yes the gadgets and gizmo's help here and there but when all else fails it is our presence that makes so much difference. This is what Pam England discusses in this article.
Homeopathic Labour & Birth Cheat Sheet
These are the basic homeopathic remedies used during labour and their indications. An invaluable guide for birth professionals supporting women during labour.
Marketing Your Doula or CBE Business
A great list for any independent doula or CBE whether just starting out or just looking for more promotional avenues.
We have brought you several herbal recipes for clients and an awesome, easy recipe for postpartum doulas. Check back as we continue to add to our list.
Uterus Pattern
The "recipe" for knitting your own uterus.
You know your a Doula when...
The much requested list of things you know only a doula would do!
Doula Insurance
Information on doula insurance in both Canada and the US.

Also working on...

Library Ideas
Finding your precious library is unorganized and expensive books, videos and cassettes are slowly disappearing? Here are some great ideas to maintaining and growing a great library.
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