Certification Requirements
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ALACE (Association of Labor Assistants and Childbirth Educators)

bulletAttendance at an ALACE approved Labor Assistant Training Workshop
bulletCompletion of the required reading list
bulletAdult/Infant CPR certification
bulletYour written summaries of 6 births you have attended
bulletWritten evaluations from 3 people you've assisted or worked with
bulletSuccessful completion of the written exam

Birth Works

bulletTwo page profile
bulletAttend a three day Birth Works® Doula Training
bulletComplete your personal journal which includes:
bulletDocumentation of adult/infant CPR certification
bulletInterview six people about birth
bulletTours of two birthing facilities
bulletFour book reports (see Birth Works book list)

CAPPA (Childbirth And Postpartum Professional Association)

bulletBe a member of CAPPA in good standing
bulletOrder a Labor Doula Certification packet
bulletRead five books from the CAPPA reading list
bulletAttend a CAPPA approved labor doula training
bulletPass a test on basic labor doula skills and knowledge. The test is an open book test and the answer sheet must be submitted with your final certification
bulletAttend a CAPPA approved childbirth education class
bulletCopies of good evaluations from at least three women to whom you've provided labor support and good evaluations from their health care providers; three doctors or midwives and three L&D nurses
bulletSign the CAPPA code of conduct, rules of conduct, scope of practice and grievance policy

Distance Learning Additional Requirements

bulletPurchase CAPPA Doula Training Video series (manual and certification packet included)
bulletPurchase the videos Labor Support: A Comfort Guide, Special Women and Gentle Birth Choices
bulletTwo letters of recommendation from a Certified Labor Doula, Certified Childbirth Educator, midwife, obstetrician or IBCLC
bulletComplete an essay and one research paper on two topics included in the certification packet

CEF (Childbirth Enhancement Foundation)

bulletHigh School diploma or GED
bulletCompleted the required reading list
bulletNon-pregnant participation in a CBE and breastfeeding education class
bullet150 hours of internship, that includes a minimum of 10 births (five of which you must assume the role of a CA or observe a Certified CA, Doula, or Birth support provider)
bullet2 letters of recommendation from birth professionals

Childbirth International

bulletObserve one antenatal course
bulletWrite a brief evaluation

DONA (Doulas of North America)

bulletA current DONA membership
bulletRead required texts
bulletTrained as either a cbe, midwife, L&D nurse or attendance at a CBE series (not as a pregnant woman)
bulletAttend a DONA approved doula training workshop
bulletAn essay on labour support and your endorsement of the DONA code of ethics and standards of practice

ICEA (International Childbirth Education Association)

bulletMaintain an ICEA membership
bulletComplete the required reading
bulletProvide verification of having attended an ICEA contact hour approved doula training workshop as specified
bulletAudit at least one childbirth education or postpartum series taught by another educator
bulletVerify three labour support or postpartum support experiences
bulletComplete six ICEA alternate contact hour programs
bulletSubmit certification materials within one year of entering the program

Titus 2 Birthing

bulletHigh School diploma or equivalent
bulletTrained as a cbe/midwife or attend a CBE class series or attend 4 LLL meetings or 1 VBAC support group meeting
bulletWritten evaluation from 3 clients and 4 birth professionals
bulletAdult/Infant CPR certification
bulletAttendance at births
bulletTrained as a cbe/midwife or attend a CBE class series or attend 4 LLL meetings or 1 VBAC support group meeting


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