Our Postpartum Services

Postpartum Doula Support

Our postpartum doula services are currently available in the Edmonton, Camrose, and Parkland County (Stony Plain & Spruce Grove) areas of Alberta, Canada.


With today's families often at a distance from their relatives due to many factors, Postpartum Doula support is often an integral part of the transition from pregnancy to parenthood. For more information on our services please check the links below.


bulletWhat is a Postpartum Doula?
bulletThe Postpartum Doula and the New Family
bulletQuestions to Ask a Prospective Postpartum Doula
bulletMother Care Postpartum Doula Agreement
bulletMother Care's Postpartum Doulas
bulletWhat Our Clients Are Saying

Breastfeeding Support

Our breastfeeding support services are currently available in the Edmonton and Camrose areas of Alberta.

One-on-one breastfeeding support by a Lactation Educator or Postpartum Doula trained to help with normal breastfeeding issues. Call 780/962-1846 or email us for more information.

Lactation Classes

Coming soon

Breastfeeding is a small part instinct and a large part learned. Most breastfeeding problems can be avoided or corrected quickly with a good understanding of breastfeeding basics. Learn breastfeeding basics and the common problems that may be encountered so that you can enjoy the wonderful experience breastfeeding can be. 

Newborn Care Classes

Our newborn care classes are currently only available in the Edmonton and Parkland County (Stony Plain & Spruce Grove) areas of Alberta.

For many, couples focus on the birth of their baby and don't prepare adequately for the coming home of their new baby. What does a newborn look like? How much do they sleep, or cry, or wet a diaper? Is this normal? Even baby care such as breastfeeding and infant feeding, diapering, bathing, even car seat safety can be overwhelming for new parents. Prepare today for your new arrival for parenting confidence when your baby is in your arms.

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