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Katelyn Palo
Tracey Stolarchuk
Connie Banack
Deanna Rennich
Pearl Maksymytz
Suzanne Moquin


Mother Care is a dynamic and exciting company focused on the needs of expectant and new families.  

All of our doulas are independent doulas who provide birth services outside of Mother Care in addition to being contracted doulas through our company. This provides them with a flexible working relationship which works best with their individual family and professional needs.

To hire a Mother Care professional or learn more about our services, email or call us today at 780/962-1846.

bulletConnie Banack - birth professional trainer
bulletIn Camrose, Alberta
bulletKatelyn Palo - childbirth educator, birth and postpartum doula
bulletPearl Maksymytz - birth doula
bulletIn Edmonton, Alberta
bulletEast Edmonton:

Tracey Stolarchuk - birth doula and childbirth educator


West Edmonton:

bulletSuzanne Moquin - birth doula and childbirth educator
bulletIn Stony Plain, Alberta
bulletDeanna Rennich - birth doula

Mother Care was started in the spring of 1997. We began by providing birth doula support and soon afterwards started a catalogue for birth professionals. In January of 1999 we greatly expanded both our catalogue and our services to include childbirth education, postpartum doula support and much more. In 2002 we refocused Mother Care's goals to better support our clients and as well as to provide quality education and support to birth professionals. This refocusing is what you see today.

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