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Terri McKinney is a photographer specializing in capturing images of pregnancy, birth and babies.

With the incredible homebirth of her daughter in 2000, her life became defined through the miracle of life. "I wanted to show the world my tummy." She had always loved the pregnant tummy and the birth process, so she picked up her camera. Her photography was a way of being involved in pregnancy and she found a true niche given her natural talent. 

She uses classic and timeless black and white photography. "I want people to feel their pictures when they look at  them, and to see the love in the photo." She loves capturing the little things that really matter, such as a photo of what the labouring mother's focal point, or the placenta with cord in the shape of a heart, encircled with flowers. It's a shared labour of love for Terri and her clients.

Terri immediately puts women at ease and is very comfortable to be with, which is important when she is working at a birth. Having worked with her two sisters, both whom are trained doulas, she is very respectful of birth and will never interrupt and be as inconspicuous as possible. Most are amazed at the pictures taken after, not even remembering her presence.

Pictures of a woman deep inside herself during a contraction, the father and siblings surrounding the mother with love, the first look into their babys' eyes and the family response immediately after birth are just a few of the integral pictures she seeks to capture. She uses a flash only when absolutely needed, preferring natural light in capturing the birth in it's most natural setting.

Terri is married to Chuck McKinney and mother to her precious daughter Taylor. She lives on a farm with her family just outside of Kingman, Alberta (20 minutes north of Camrose and 40 minutes southeast of Edmonton).

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