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bulletChildbirth is a profound rite of passage that a woman will remember the rest of her life. 

Birth is natural, yet birth is a learned and physical experience. We all have a universal body language which we can teach each other.


Women who cannot solve their own sensitivity to the sensations seek outside help and are highly suggestible in labour.


The mind in labour is acute, fully aware, sensitive and determined. Every woman has the inner wisdom she needs to guide her through birth when her fears are dispelled.

bulletBirth is a celebration, a sacred experience, and the mother should be honoured for her work.

Doula Support


Women should be surrounded by those they love and trust during labor, delivery, and postpartum. 


A woman’s emotional support team is as vital to her birth experience as her medical team. 


Labor is not a time that women are able to be the lone decision-makers. Advocates that are there for her are necessary to help assist her in reaching her inner wisdom and to protect her memory of her birthing experience.


Families should be given the tools to help the laboring woman achieve the birth that is safest and most satisfying for her.

Childbirth Education

bulletThe essence of childbirth education is self-discovery rather than assimilating obstetrical information.
bulletEducators provide a compassionate, supportive and nurturing environment for all parents, gently "unlocking" women's inner wisdom of birth.
bulletHelping prepare the hearts and souls of the parents, not just their minds.
bulletProviding information on alternatives to routine labour and birthing practices, and routines. 
bulletNot involving guilt but empowering women to chose the kind of birth that is best for them, be it medicated or unmedicated, intervention-free or not. 
bulletGiving parents tools that will support them through childbirth and beyond. 
bulletFacilitating the appreciation that birth is a normal, natural and wonderful event.
bulletHelping the mother give birth meaningfully, rather than focused on a specific birth outcome.
bulletEmpowering women and their partners to make informed decisions, to assume responsibility for their health and to trust their inner wisdom.
bulletWomen should be given the tools to achieve a natural birth, if that is what they desire, and should be equipped with knowledge to make informed decisions about their birth. 
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