Student Comments

Training Workshops

“I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop! I am excited to get started and finish the rest of the requirements. This workshop has left me wanting more knowledge!”

"Great course!!"

“Having such an experienced and knowledgeable person teach this workshop was wonderful. Connie answered every question asked to her in great depth. Thank you!”

"This workshop was great. It was really more than I expected."

“I am confident with the amount of knowledge and experience that Connie Banack has and was willing to share. Connie answered all questions sufficiently. I feel more confident to move forward with the certification requirements.”

"Very well done. Look forward to future trainings."

"Wonderful, thank you."

“This was a wonderful course that I thoroughly enjoyed. The group clicked very well and my previous knowledge was increased and enhanced. Thank you for helping me become a doula!”

"Great instructor. Friendly, positive and helpful."

"Great information given. Thanks!"

“I found this training extremely beneficial and really stimulating my desire for further study and investigation. It was informative, reassuring and encouraging to me to become even more involved in helping women giving birth.”


"Thanks for letting us tell our own birth stories. That's a great way to work through things before we carry them into work!"

"Wonderful training session. I feel far more confident than I did before I came!"

"Awesome! Thanks so much."

Body Awareness Workshops

"Really interesting concepts, can't wait to try them. Practice was great."

"Thank you for this course. It has been very informative and will be very useful. The only thing I can think of is that some video might aid in learning some of the techniques, although I found Connie's demonstrations and observations of our own practicing to be very helpful. This was a very intense course. Thank you to everyone responsible for putting this workshop on."

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