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Prenatal Preparation 
Pregnancy & Childbirth
Postpartum & Breastfeeding
Because of her background in psychology, Suzanne is knowledgeable about relaxation and learning to calmly allow our bodies to give birth.

Any questions about doula support are answered by Mother Care.

Mother Care answers your questions and shares advice on pregnancy and birth.

Katelyn is available to discuss nutrition during and after pregnancy.

Tracey is an authority on breastfeeding mothers.

Meet Pearl, a postpartum doula and mother of three. She is here to help advise parents about  postpartum recovery and newborn concerns.

A birth and postpartum doula and postpartum depression survivor, Katelyn offers support for mothers experiencing postpartum depression.

Birth Professionals
Herbs & Natural Remedies
VBAC and Caesarean Information
As a GBI approved childbirth educator trainer, labour doula trainer and postpartum doula trainer, Connie answers your questions and shares advice on certification & becoming a professional doula, childbirth educator or lactation counsellor. Master Herbalist and Author Andrea Candee welcomes your questions pertaining to herbs and other natural remedies. Connie specializes in VBAC and caesarean support. She welcomes your questions pertaining to VBAC or a positive caesarean birth experience.
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