Body Awareness

This one day workshop is for all birth professionals including childbirth educators, doulas, midwives, nurses, and doctors. Results of the use of these techniques have shown marked reductions in cesarean rates, forceps and vacuum extraction rates, epidural requests and more. 
Birth professionals will be provided with vital information proven to reduce interventions and medications in birthing mothers during labour and birth. They will learn how to effectively teach and use this information prior to and during labour.

Course Objectives:

bulletKnow how to communicate effectively through word and touch in response to a birthing womans' needs.
bulletTeach the vital importance of using breath effectively as a focus for reducing tension and restoring themselves.
bulletUnderstand the pelvis and how to teach pelvic dimensions and movement to mothers and their partners prior to labour. Learn the importance of knowing your pelvic shape and outlet as it pertains to movement and positioning during labour.
bulletUnderstand and be able to teach internal relaxation techniques to reduce pelvic tension.
bulletUnderstand, be able to teach and effectively use the movement and positioning to open up the pelvic inlet and outlet.
bulletUnderstand and be able to teach effective positions as they pertain to the pelvic shape of a birthing mother.
bulletLearn vital new birthing techniques to effectively progress labour.
bulletEffectively teach assertiveness to birthing parents.

Course Information:

bulletThis workshop is a one day workshop, 9 am to 5 pm. 
bulletIncludes instructional handouts and teaching handouts for use in childbirth classes.
bulletCourse fees are $100.00 per participant, registration deadline is two weeks prior to workshop date. 
bulletEarly Bird discount of $8 for all registrations received at least six weeks prior to workshop date.


bullet"Really interesting concepts, can't wait to try them. Practice was great."
bullet"Thank you for this course. It has been very informative and will be very useful. The only thing I can think of is that some video might aid in learning some of the techniques, although I found Connie's demonstrations and observations of our own practicing to be very helpful. This was a very intense course. Thank you to everyone responsible for putting this workshop on."

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