Herbal Sitz Bath

Recipe One

bulletShepherd's purse
bulletuva ursi
bulletComfrey leaves and roots
bulletSea Salt (Celtic Sea Salt is the best)
bulletCalendula flowers
bulletLavender flowers
bullet1 bulb fresh garlic
bulletMyrrh or ginger (optional)

Recipe Two

bullet1/8-1/4 cup sea salt
bullet1 ounce Uva Ursi
bullet2 ounces Comfrey
bullet1 ounce Shepherd's Purse
bullet1 clove Garlic

Recipe Three

bulletFresh ginger root

Recipe Four


Brew as you would a tea. Bring about a half gallon of cold, clean water to a boil. Turn off the heat and drop the pouch into the water, letting it steep for 20 minutes. Don't boil the herbs, let them steep only. Then apply using one or more of the following methods:

bulletAdded to sitz bath water.
bulletApplied directly to perineum using a pre-prepared washcloth soaked in the solution, folded and frozen.
bulletPlaced in your peri or regular squirt bottle and used as a healing rinse.

Brew not used within two days should be frozen for later use if desired. Recipes one and two are for external use only.

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