Canadian Birth Professional Series

Writer, author and birth advocate Connie Banack gives clear, concise information on the business aspect of providing birth professional services in Canada. In this four part series, Banack will help you to grow a successful business by providing the necessary foundation on which to build from through the ongoing business, marketing and record keeping aspects that can bog down any entrepreneur.

Banack, Connie. Business Plan Basics for Canadian Birth Professionals. Edmonton: Canadian Doula Association. ISBN 0-9737570-2-7

bulletA business plan is a map to success for your business. It may also be a formality that you may be required to put together to raise money for your company's startup. This guide by Connie Banack, a birth professional referral agency owner, is a great tool one that's bound to make your business a more successful operation. This booklet was written especially for women starting a birth professional company. Emphasis is on practical problem solving, and examples cited in these books are based on realistic business situations.

Banack, Connie. Business Fundamentals Canadian for Birth Professionals. Edmonton: Canadian Doula Association. ISBN 0-9737570-1-9

bulletAll businesses can be made or broken by the little details. This guide looks at the fundamentals that successful businesses require yet sometimes are overlooked. Business philosophy, your companies image including personal appearance of owners, dynamic portfolios, home vs office base is only the beginning. Communication, time management, liability insurance, and much more are also covered in this essential booklet for Canadian birth professionals.

Banack, Connie. Marketing Manual for Canadian Birth Professionals. Edmonton: Canadian Doula Association. ISBN 0-9737570-0-0

bulletFilled with hundreds of solid ideas that really work, Connie Banack has given birth to a new way of learning about market share and how to gain it. Packed with strategies for marketing your birth professional business, from building a marketing plan through putting together marketing materials and bringing them to today's discerning consumer, this booklet will increase clientele instantly!

Banack, Connie. Record Keeping for Canadian Birth Professionals. Edmonton: Canadian Doula Association. ISBN 0-9737570-3-5

bulletRecord keeping made easy and fun! Most birth professionals enter this field with a burning passion to support other women, yet entrepreneurs will not succeed unless they learn to keep their financial records in order. While even the largest corporations can suffer from financial myopia, new business owners are especially challenged. This introductory guide offers a broad knowledge of business operations and the basic skills you need to keep better financial records, including income tax information.

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