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When you decide to attend prenatal classes, you should choose your teacher carefully. Besides professional considerations, you will want to find out if the teacher has values compatible with your own and personal qualities you desire. When choosing classes, answers to the following questions will help you find the right one.

Practical Questions

Practical details will help you narrow down the choice of classes first. You need to know what you want in terms of your own birth and the classes that would support your vision of your birth experience. 


What type of birth experience do I want?


Do I want the course to be woman centered? Ö couple centered? Ö family centered?


Will my partner attend every class?


May my children attend?


At what stage of pregnancy would we like to attend?

The Educatorís Beliefs

The truly important questions reveal an educatorís philosophy. It is most essential for your own satisfaction that you find an educator who completely supports your goals and attitudes. The way she answers the following questions may give you a good idea of whether you and she will be compatible. You may wish to ask these questions early in a phone interview, so you donít waste your time in listening to an educator who does not fit your philosophy or who's classes don't fit your time schedule.

bulletWhat do you think is the most important part of your job?
bulletWhat do you feel are the main skills or abilities I need for my birth?
bulletWhat do you think the fatherís role should be during labour?
bulletWhat books do you recommend to new parents?
bulletWhat are your values regarding pregnancy and birth?
bulletHow do you feel about breastfeeding? Circumcision? Other important concerns?
bulletDoes you lean towards or away from attachment parenting?
bulletAre your beliefs compatible with your own? If not, can you teach objectively?
bulletDo you encourage a non-threatening environment that allows honest discussion of feelings and attitudes toward pregnancy and childbirth?

Protect Yourself

You should ask some questions about credentials. It is unfortunate, but true, that there will always be people who try to take advantage of others. At this time in your life you are especially vulnerable, and need to ask some hard questions and be prepared to do a little homework to protect yourself.

bulletWhat are the instructorís credentials?
bulletDoes the instructor appear to be well informed?
bulletDoes the instructor appear to be well prepared to deliver the information?
bulletWhere are the classes taught?
bulletHow many sessions are included in the course?
bulletHow many people will attend the course?
bulletHow much will it cost?

What does the course include?

And finally, what the courses content is as well as the educators format in teaching classes are good to know. It's difficult to learn when the class is primarily a series of lectures only, find out other aspects of the class presentations.


Overview of the stages of pregnancy (physical and psychological aspects)

bulletDiet and nutritional information
bulletExercise including pelvic floor exercises
bulletA tour of the hospital
bulletOverview of typical labour and birth
bulletInstruction and practice in coping techniques (breathing, relaxation, visualization, etc.) for labour and birth
bulletPreparation for the partner and/or children who will be present for the labour and birth
bulletInformation about variations and complications during labour and birth
bulletInformation about possible medical interventions and options during labour and birth
bulletInformation about breastfeeding and preparation for breastfeeding during pregnancy
bulletNewborn care, postpartum recovery


bulleta support group
bulletaudio-visual presentations
bulletpractice sessions
bulletrecommended resources


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